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Our Statement On The Election Of Donald Trump

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Last Tuesday, we witnessed the end of a divisive election, one that has left many of us hurt and shocked. Like you, we are worried about the state of our nation and, in particular for LHI, what this means for LGBT rights and health equality. While we have built much of our work on the promises of the Affordable Care Act,  we are prepared and as committed as ever to fulfill our mission of eliminating barriers to healthcare for LGBT women and transgender men regardless of who sits in the White House. 2016 makes twenty years of LHI funding health screenings for our community and we will use the coming weeks to strategize about how to protect and expand our programming for the future.

What we do know is that the ACA and the Marketplaces are not going anywhere overnight. As of now, nothing about the Affordable Care Act marketplace has changed, and consumers who enroll and pay their first premium by December 15 will have coverage starting January 1st. We encourage you to sign up for in person assistance on our website! Assistance with the marketplace application and health plan selection is available-please use it!

In this next phase of the movement for LGBTQ equality, we will all be called to take on each other’s struggles in deeper ways and to fight even harder for the many needs of our communities. This will mean working effectively and powerfully for the health care needs of LGBT people, especially those who are people of color, Muslim, undocumented immigrants, people with disabilities,  and low-income people.

We offer our support and services to you and to your communities, particularly those who have been targeted by divisive rhetoric and traumatized by this election and its aftermath. We stand with you.

In solidarity,

Aurora Harris

Executive Director

LHI Houston

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