• Be Out. Be Healthy.

    The enrollment process can be confusing for many, especially if an individual has gone a long time without coverage. Luckily, there is free, in-person enrollment help available. These are unbiased experts from the communities they serve who are certified to sit down with you to explain coverage options and help with making the best coverage decision for you and your family. They can also help with plan renewal if you are already insured through the Affordable Care Act and want to keep or switch coverage.

  • The Coverage Gap

    The Supreme Court ruled that states’ participation in the expansion of Medicaid was optional. So members of our community may make too little money to qualify for financial help getting insurance and too much money to qualify for medicaid. 


    This impacts low-income Texans – women, people of color, veterans, and LGBTQ people. We imagine a world where everyone has affordable health care coverage. Thanks to a grant from Raising Women's Voices, we aim to empower people across Houston to advocate for expanded coverage so that all low-wage workers, veterans, and working families can live healthy lives.

    Who falls into the coverage gap?

    What are the impacts of the gap?

    What are the economic benefits?

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